Opening Ceremony

Opening ceremony

To a large extent, the ball's success is owed to the club's youth, from which traditionally two representatives are selected as ball presidents, who organise all events and meetings related to the opening ceremony. The application to participate in the opening ceremony is done individually and dancing partners are assigned by the ball presidents. Not only do the young participants get dancing lessons in preparation, but also take part in various youth activities, like cocktail evenings, pre-christmas punch meetings and even an ice-skating event, to become acquainted with each other.

Application for the opening ceremony 2022 is closed.
Damen 18 – 24 Jahre weisses bodenlanges Abendkleid
Herren 19 – 25 Jahre Frack


Ballbüro des Techniker-Cercle
Reitschulgasse 2, 1010 Wien.
T. +43 (0)1 533 90 61
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