Ball Board of Directors

Architect Prof. Dipl.-Ing.
Manfred Nehrer
President of the Techniker-Cercle

I. Mag.o.Univ. -Prof. Dipl.- Ing. Dr. techn.
Sabine Seidler
Rector at the Technical University Vienna

HR Dr.
Gabriele Zuna-Kratky
Director of Technical Museum of Vienna

Dr. Therese Niss
Federal Chairman of Young Industry

Architect Dipl.-Ing.
Thomas Hoppe
Ball Director, Techniker-Cercle

Mag. Philipp Rath
Finance Department, Techniker-Cercle


Ballbüro des Techniker-Cercle
Reitschulgasse 2, 1010 Vienna, Austria
T. +43 (0)1 533 90 61
Fax. +43 (0)1 535 65 65